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Saturday, September 26th, 2020, at the ADEI TECHNOLOGY HUB headquarters in Cocody, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, twenty-one (21) teachers from the Lycée Sainte Marie High School received their certificates following a workshop that focused on building their technical digital skills. The ceremony was elevated by the presence of Senator Emilienne Anikpo, Mrs. Marie-Christ Allou, the headmaster of the aforementioned girls’ high school, and Mr. Nangalarou Tuo, director of learning and professional advancement at the State Secretariat in charge of Technical Teaching and Professional Development.

Program participants pose with their instructors and distinguished foundation members.

The training of these twenty-one (21) teachers, financed by the Embassy of the United States in Côte d’Ivoire, is the result of a partnership between ADEI TECHNOLOGY HUB and the Lycée Sainte Marie de Cocody, a girls’ high school in Abidjan, the Côte d’Ivoire capital. Over twelve (12) weeks, the selected teachers had access to two (02) types of training. The first, in person, provided the teachers with improved understanding of the bureaucratic capacities of the Microsoft Office suite. The second, online, covered HTML and CSS programming.

The participants receive their certificates, September 26th, 2020.

Making a speech on behalf of his colleagues, Mr. Boni highlighted the quality of the training and the availability of trainers: “It’s time to mention the quality of the training and of the trainers, who spared no effort in their role as facilitator, compass, and coach,” he said, before expressing all of their gratitude to the creators of the project.

The program instructors.

In regards to Mrs. Allou, headmaster of Lycée Sainte Marie de Cocody, she thanked both ADEI TECHNOLOGY HUB for the distilled quality of the training, and the teachers from her establishment for having taken part. Then, she urged them to pass on this training to the 190 staff members and 1400 girl students at the Lycée Sainte Marie.

Mrs. Allou makes her speech (left). Mrs Allou, Senator Anikpo, and Mr. Tuo watch the ceremony (right).

Chiming in from the United States via videoconference, the founder of ADEI TECHNOLOGY HUB, Mrs. Odomitchi Anikpo, congratulated the teachers of Lycée Sainte Marie for the diligence and engagement that they demonstrated over the course of this training.

She rejoiced in this successful collaboration between their two establishments: “For us, this program makes possible the realization of the social impact of education, training, and the qualified workforce that supports women and young girls in their education and future careers.” She took a moment to say a special thank you to the Embassy of the United States, who financed this training and who are supporting this structure in many other training projects. Mrs. Odomitchi Anikpo closed her speech by thanking alll those present at the ceremony.

The members of the ADEI Foundation.

Created in 2018 by young Ivoiriens, ADEI TECHNOLOGY HUB is dedicated to stimulating socioeconomic development through technology and reinforcing the fundamental elements of the business ecosystem through a training program in technical skills, a program in entrepreneurship, and an innovation lab.

Our warm thanks to all those who attended our ceremony, to the Embassy of the United States, and to ANSUT.

The participants of the ceremony.