Adei Institute of Technology thanks their partners and collaborators for the successful completion of an impactful program.

Our team of mentors was provided by our partner, Creative Valley, which supports Adei Educate — Launch. Boost. Grow. in many ways.

Odomitchi Anikpo, founder and director of Adei Institute of Technology and Yann Gozlan, president of Creative Valley, meet in Paris.

Throughout the workshops, the entrepreneurs were assisted by our international community of mentors in the USA, Europe, and Côte d’Ivoire.

Left to Right: Aram Attar, Axelle Kadio-Morokro, Virginie Roux, Valentin Worms.

The program was made possible as well through the collaboration of our Program Development Team, who orchestrated the curriculum and organization of the program.

Left to right: Victor Nyamita, Annie Tanampai, Sherrin Nasr.

Without the support of our esteemed partners, Adei Educate — Launch. Boost. Grow. could not continue to elevate the exceptional talent in Côte d’Ivoire’s emerging market. We at Adei Institute of Technology extend our sincerest thanks to our partners.

Finca Ventures explains their initiative:

Creative Valley, on their vision:

Seedstars shares their mission statement:

Impact Hub Abidjan, in their words:

To learn more about our unparalleled network of partners, click here.




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Adei Institute of Technology

Adei Institute of Technology

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