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3 min readDec 16, 2022


A fundamental element of the support the Adei Institute of Technology provides to our trainees is mentorship through a series of Tech & Career Talks presented by our network of mentors and experienced industry experts in Data Science.

Throughout November we collaborated with Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp to offer a series of five tech and career talks led by our mentors and industry experts. We are proud to work with people who are leaders in their fields and delighted that those starting new careers in tech can benefit from their years of experience in the tech world.

On the 10th of November, our first talk in this series was presented by Virginia Gwengi, Data Scientist at Relias Health U.S. Virginia has many years of experience including at the U.S. Census Bureau, IBM & Biostat Solutions, and eight years of experience in professional data manipulation and visualization. She spoke about getting set for the future and growing with advances in machine learning (ML) and data science.

The discussion focused on:

What ongoing courses and skills are relevant for an ML beginner,

How to stay relevant and lifelong learning,

Tips for ML beginners and

Recommendations for online resources.

The second talk on the 17th of November was presented by Jeph Acheampong, Co founder and CEO of Blossom Academy in Ghana, which focuses on building data scientists and providing machine learning bootcamps. Jeph has previously worked as a data solutions consultant with Experian NY. He spoke about taking the next step and how to navigate the data science / Machine Learning job market in Africa.

The discussion focused on:

· Insights into the industry in Africa

· Exploring jobs in data science

· Where to find the right opportunities

· Positioning in the marketplace

Jonathan Kola, Founder & CEO at AMT Technologies, presented the third talk on November 22nd. Jonathan shared some great insights from his work as a Machine Learning Engineer with real-life applications and use cases from his company (AMT Technologies). The company uses machine learning (specifically image techniques and computer vision) to build its Artificial Intelligence powered driver assistance system that anticipates driver behavior, reduces collisions, and saves lives on the road.

Jonathan has previously worked with Google & Spotify.

The fourth talk was presented by Sylvia N’guessan, Staff Software Engineer at YouTube, on November 23rd. Sylvia has previous engineering experience working with Yammer and Cisco Systems.

In this talk, Sylvia discussed the next frontier: On-Device Machine Learning.

The discussion focused on:

· Benefits

· Solutions

· Latest Developments

What this means for a beginner ML developer today #learndatascience

The final talk, the fifth in this series, was on the 30th of November. It was presented by Fatih Koca, Head of Data Science, Global Server Operations at Google. He spoke about The Next Frontier: Changes in AI and Machine Learning.

Fatih has 15+ years of experience in Product Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Experimentation, and Data Science from roles at Meta, as well as MixPanel, Ebay and more.

The discussion focused on:

· A day in the life of an ML Engineer

· The latest developments and trends in AI, Data Science and Machine Learning

· What this means for a beginner ML developer today

· How to stay relevant and adapt

· Positioning in the marketplace

For more information on our Tech Talks and the work of ADEI institute follow this link:

Surveys of student attendees gave positive feedback:

· “They were very informative”

· “Gave me new insights”

· “It was awesome”

Keep an eye out for the next series of Tech Talks!